Why should you renew your vows?

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You don’t have to renew your vows, of course – plenty of us don’t. And yet, there are an increasing number choosing to do so. There are many possible reasons. Perhaps you didn’t have enough money to have the wedding you really wanted when you were younger. It’s possible that you’ve been through some really hard times together, and feel it’s right to celebrate in a significant way. Whatever your reason, it’s a joyful time that your family and friends will want to mark as well.

Eternity bands are often integral to a vow renewal. While many choose a diamond wedding band, some will have worn a plain one over the years. In some ways, then, an eternity ring can be seen as an upgrade, to symbolize how your love has blossomed over the years you’ve spent together. It’s perfectly possible to find diamond jewelry within your budget if you take the time to do your research first.

A destination vow renewal may be an idea depending on how many guests you want in attendance. If it’s just the two of you, this is simple to do – just book as if you are going on vacation. Vow renewals are not legally binding and so can take place anywhere without the need for a license.

Alternatively, keep it local. This way all of your loved ones can be present. Sometimes the simplest ceremonies are the most heartfelt – in a backyard, a beautiful local park, or in an area that’s significant to the two of you. However you choose to renew your vows, it will make for a memory to treasure forever.

Should you wear heels to your wedding?


You want to look your best on your wedding day. But does that mean wearing heels? It does for a lot of brides. They instantly add glamour to a look, pairing seamlessly with your pristine white gown and making you feel ladylike. There are some other factors to consider, however.

Do you usually wear heels? Be honest with yourself. If you find them comfortable – but just don’t tend to wear them in your daily life – start practicing walking around in them. This might seem like an overreach, but it’s good to be prepared.

Think about how long you will be on your feet during the big day. If you keep the ceremony short, you may not need to wear heels much longer than for photos. You could take a pair of flats to change into for the reception – just make sure they’re a clean, smart pair that will look suitable with your dress.

If you do choose to go with heels, make sure they’re appropriate for the style of dress you’re wearing. Don’t simply opt for them because your dress is too long to wear flats. Go to a tailor and have them hem the dress – this doesn’t cost much. Think about the venue, too. If you’ve gone for a beach wedding, don’t even consider heels. Go for a chic pair of sandals, make sure you book a pedicure for the day before, and just enjoy yourself.

What is an eternity ring?


An eternity ring is a metal band embellished with diamonds or other gemstones. Symbolizing eternal love, they can be given during a wedding ceremony in lieu of a plain wedding ring. They are also often given at vow renewal ceremonies, or to mark a significant anniversary.

If given during a wedding ceremony, the reason tends to be that the bride and groom prefer the look of an embellished band as opposed to a plain ring. The band can be decorated all the way around its edges, or along the top of the ring. The main feature is that it has more than three stones. This is because engagement rings can also be found with three diamonds. Usually there are five or more diamonds featured in an eternity ring – for a dazzling, opulent look.

Eternity rings can be made with a variety of precious metals. Platinum, white gold and yellow gold are the most popular – but you might also consider rose gold or palladium. The main factor to consider is whether the wearer already has an engagement ring. For aesthetic reasons, it is best to opt for the same metal – or a complementary color, such as white gold with platinum. These two metals look similar, but have different qualities and values.

How to choose a diamond shape for your engagement ring


Round brilliant diamonds are by far the most popular cut for an engagement ring. It makes sense, really. A round shape is what we all think of when someone says ‘diamond’, but the truth is that there are many alternative cuts that might be ideal for your engagement ring.

Princess Cut engagement rings are the second most popular type of diamond ring. Cut to sparkle at similar levels of a well-proportioned round brilliant but with a square shape, they bring together traditional and modern elements. The clean, straight angles of a princess cut are well suited for those who prefer a modern silhouette – but are still after that incredible sparkle that we expect from a diamond ring.

Round and princess cut diamonds are by far the most popular shapes for engagement rings, but that doesn’t mean that your partner wouldn’t love a more unique cut. Consider Asscher, Emerald, or Oval diamonds; all have their own distinctive qualities that make them beautiful. Some shapes are cut for clarity, others more for sparkle, still others for a fancier shape. You’ll know the right shape when you see it.

Shopping for a modern engagement ring


While many are fans of traditional and vintage style diamond shapes, modern engagement rings certainly have a strong appeal. More complementary to the current fashions, princess cut diamonds in simple settings look elegant and chic. They are also appropriate for women who tend to lead a more active lifestyle, or prefer a simpler design.

Square cut diamonds are an excellent choice because they deliver that classic sparkle, but with clean lines and a contemporary shape. You can combine classic and modern styles by setting a princess or asscher cut diamond in a halo, or keep it minimal in a solitaire setting. Traditional yellow gold will provide more of a vintage look. White gold and platinum appear deliver more of a modern feel.

You’ll know whether your partner will prefer a modern or more traditional engagement ring, simply by observing her sense of fashion. Does she wear clothes with modern tailoring, in clear-cut prints and colors? Or does she prefer vintage dresses and hairstyles? The ideal ring for her will fit well with the rest of her look.